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D'azur, au chevron, accompagne en chef de deux étoiles (5), en pal d'un croissant, le tout d'argent. The Jaquette family in America descends from Jean Paul Jaquet and his wife Maria de Carpentier, who arrived in the American colonies in 1654/1655. The family settled in Delaware and New Jersey. The branches of the family have the names JAQUET, JAQUETT, and JAQUETTE. If you have genealogical information to offer or requests for genealogical information, you may contact me by e-mail (); my response may be somewhat slow, but I will respond.

The family coat of arms at the left is an old version, whereas the one on the right is a more modern (17th-18th century) one, elaborated by success of the family. Both will show the basic Jaquet coat of arms specification if encouraged with your mouse.

For some information on the first known Jaquet in our line and the first Jaquet to arrive in America, see this summary of ancient Jaquets. The lineage of our Jaquette family, omitting all living generations, is available here in an abridged version of an illustrated talk given at the Genealogical Society of Salem County (New Jersey) in April 1999: The Jaquet Family in America (~870K Adobe Reader file).


Books by Edwin Jaquett Sellers cover the Jaquet (Jaquette) family prior to 1930:

Allied Ancestry of the van Culemborg Family of Culemborg, Holland, 1915, Allen, Lane & Scott, Philadelphia
Allied Families of Delaware, 1901, JB Lippincott, Philadelphia
De Carpentier Allied Ancestry, 1928, Allen, Lane & Scott, Philadelphia
Genealogy of the de Carpentier Family of Holland, 1909, Allen Lane & Scott, Philadelphia
Genealogy of the Jaquett Family, Revised Edition, 1907, Allen, Lane & Scott, Philadelphia
Supplement to Genealogies, 1922, Allen, Lane, & Scott, Philadelphia
Van Hecke Allied Ancestry, 1933, Allen, Lane & Scott, Philadelphia

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